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About Us

Samata Co-operative Development Bank Ltd. exposed as one of the leading Urban Co-operative Banks in the state of West Bengal under duel control and Regulations of Co-operation Department, Government of India and Reserve Bank of India.


The Bank was founded during the period of 1993-1996 to motivate the people for developing small savings habits, to help the small business people and also to encourage self-employment.


We Commenced our banking operation from a small rented premises at BK-129, Salt Lake City, Kolkata- 700 091 from 24th September 1997, with initially having its paid up Share Capital of Rs. 42.00 lakh and 3000 Share holder Members out of Rs. 20,00,000,00.00 Crore of Authorized Share Capital  comprising of ‘A’ type of paid up share capital of 60,00,000.. members @ Rs. 25.00 paid up share capital of each unit and ‘B’ type of paid up share capital of 500000 Govt. Shares of Rs. 100.00 each unit of shares.


It is registered under West Bengal Co-operative Societies Act. 1983. Registration No.4-RCS dated 26.10.1996. Licensed under Banking Regulation Act. 1949 (AS applicable to Co-operative Societies ) by Reserve Bank of India under its liberalised category scheme . Licence No. 1426P- WB having its Area of operation.


Currently the bank Head Office is in Saltlake,Karunamoyee and it has one branch in Palta and more branches expected to be opened in the near future.



VISION: Our Bank’s plunge to excellence in all directions will be powered by the VISION that provides overarching inspiration, The VALUES that serve to guide taught & action, The VITALITY that embarks on strategy formation & execution. The immense potential of our Bank will be realized by the distinctive amalgam of the ‘Vision, Values & Vitality.



MISSION: To continuously strive for synergy between technology, systems & human resources for providing products & services that meet the quality, performance & aspirations of the vast clientele & to maintain the highest standards of ethics & societal responsibilities, constantly innovate products & processes & develop teams that keep the momentum going to take the Bank to excellence.



Management of the Bank since its operation


Period From



Nature of constitution of Board of Directors.



February 1998

Nominated BODs

March 1997

December 2003

Elected BODs(elected BOD 3 year term)

February 2004

July 2006

Administration Board of Consisting of 3 Members.                                       

August 2006

June 2012

Appointed by the R.C.S WB. Elected Board of Directors for a period of 3 years on each occasion for 2 terms.

July 2012 till date


Board of Directors for the term (2012-17) the of 5 years in terms of the provision of West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act. 2006.



The existing Board of Directors consisted of 12 elected members of Board of Directors (presently 11 members) with 2 co-opt Directors (specialized in Banking Finance and Law and I Directors as a Govt. (State) Nominee.


Although these were changes in the Management, the bank continued to maintain its profitability since its inception without incurring deficit or loss in any period of its functioning .


Since after 2004-05, the bank entered into the age of latest modern technology in its operation. i.e. introduction of CTS -10 cheques, use of IFSC code no, electronic fund transfer facilities through RTGS/NEFT and implementation of CBS (Core Banking solution) etc, SMS Alert system is in the process of implementation.


The bank has been endeavoring to expand its business by setting up of branches with the approval of RBI in selected centers within the area of its operation.

Besides, Main office branch at Saltlake area, the second branch of the bank had been set up at Palta, Santinagar, Palta, Kolkata -700122, Dist- North 24 parganas and had been functioning there from 7th October 2012.


The bank got approval of its revised/amended Bye-Laws-2013 prepared in pursuance of West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act 2006, 2010 & 2013 and rules 2011, on 30-01-2017 From the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, West Bengal duly registered.


In the introduction of amended Bye-Laws, the area of operation of the bank has been now with the urban areasof districts North & South 24 parganas including urban agglomerations registered as “KOLKATA METROPOLITON AREA”

The statutory Auditor’s Audit classification has been recorded as “A+” grade for the last 5 years ( latest F.Y. 2016-17).


The Reserve Bank of India in its bi-annual inspection conducted by them for this year 2018 considered functioning of the banks “satisfactory”.


With the expanding horizons, continuous developments and competition the bank proposes to become full fledged financial service provider, fulfilling requirements of customers and other stakeholders by providing all allied services, as permitted by the regulatory authorities. The Bank has adopted advanced technology for providing faster and convenient services to clients. These major long term proposals will enable the bank to increase its market share and better fulfillment of expectations of all the stakeholders.

As per latest Audited (statutory) for the financial year 2016-17, the bank’s financial position was as under,



(Rs. In lacs)

Paid up Share Capital  

609.90 (in lakh)

Reserve Fund & Others Reserves

428.25 (in lakh)

Deposits and Other Accounts

8973.80 (in lakh)


 6255.34 (in lakh)

Net profit                 

147.86 (in lakh)

Gross NPA

410.05 (in lakh)

Percentage of Gross NPA




Investment in Government Societies

1214.57 (in lakh)

Working Capital

 10890.33 (in lakh)

Present Membership No


 (As 31-03-2017)