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How to open account

It is very simple. to open a bank account you need to give a proof of identity and address proof along with a recent photograph 3 copies .

1. Age Proof.( PAN Card/Voter ID/Aadhaar Card).

2. Photo ID Proof.(PAN Card/Voter ID/Aadhaar Card).

3. Address Proof.(Voter ID/Aadhaar Card/Ration Card/Local Authority).

1. Address Proof (Example: Adhar Card/Ration Card/Passport/ElectionId etc )

2. Identification proof (Example: PAN Card/Passport / Driving License / Election Card)etc

*all the documents to be self attested and to be verified with the Originals.

3. 2 Copies of Photographs.


Nomination facility is available for all types of deposit accounts and lockers.

There cannot be more than one nominee in case of joint deposit

Nomination facility is available only in case of individual depositor and not in respect of persons jointly depositing articles for safe custody.

Yes. Maximum Rs. 25,000/- for SB a/c & Rs. 50,000/- for CD /FLXLN/SOD a/c per day. Other branch third party payment allowed only to the person whose name appear as payee on the Cheque after proper identification of the person.

If account remains inoperative for period of more than 24 months, it is classified as Dormant a/c in Bank’s record.

Kindly Click the "Rate of Interest" from NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS to find out latest Interest rate

If interest amount on Term Deposits exceed Rs. 10,000/- during financial year, tax is deducted at source.

90% of accrued value of deposit i.e. Original Deposit amount plus interest

Rate of Interest applicable to Term Deposit + 2%.

Any person having credit worthiness to repay the loan of the borrower in case the borrower becomes defaulter, can become guarantor.

ATM facility will be provided soon (within 2018)

No, this facilty is not provided yet. But yes we have RTGS/NEFT facility. Internet banking facility will be provided very soon.

Transaction and your current balance will be sent to your registered mobile number after each transaction.